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Oct 4, 2012 4:00am EDT
the country's devaluation, but hillary clinton says the government only has itself to blame. we also have results coming out of the spanish auction, as well. spain selling 210 million euros for the 2017 bond, the longer bond selling 1.9, just shy of 2 billion euros of the october 2015 bond, as well. the bid to cover on the 2014 coming in at 2. so up on that front. the 2015 auction bid to cover ratio, 2. bid to cover rising for that one, as well. just waiting for the average yields to come out which will come in just a moment's time, but the bid to cover also up two for the 2017, longer auction for spanish debt. bid to cover on the 2017 coming in at 2.5. and the last auction looking at a level of 2.1. so we've got a bid to cover up for each of those auctions. so we'll bring you the average yield just isn't we get it. in the meantime, let's just head out to julia and get reaction from the ground there. >> we're still waiting for the rates i can see, but just doing a mental calculation, just shy of the 4 billion. so in my estimates, that takes us to around 88% done now for their funding
Oct 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
geithner. the wall street journal reports the white house chief of staff jack lew and former clinton chief of staff are two top candidates. both budget experts and could play a major role in the looming fiscal cliff. >>> nokia's into another big customer for its mapping software. the "wall street journal" says the company will unveil a deal with oracle today in san francisco. nokia also recently signed deals with groupon and amazon. nokia a got into the map business with it purchase and has been expanding the service. and back to the banks, shares in banco have been suspended. the bank has announced it will report record write downs of 9.3 billion euro this is year and have suspended its dividend this month. julia has more reaction to what they're saying. they'll launch the share increase by mid november. do you think they can avoid having to ask for any government assistance? >> i think they're certainly going to try. but in terms of their market, it will be highly diluted, so it depends on how well it goes down with investors. the stock should open up in about ten minutes time. we'
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2